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[ Jan 01th ]Replica Rolex Green Water Ghost and Blue Water Ghost, who do you prefer

In the Rolex series of replica watches, water ghosts can be said to be one of the hottest. "Water Ghost" is the nickname of the watch collectors for the Rolex submariner type. The replica Rolex submersible watch was first released in 1954, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the most well-known timepieces ever. The times have changed and the trend has changed. The Rolex submersible replica watch not only survives but also flourishes. Some people say that the universality of the replica Rolex "water ghost" is one of its long-lasting factors, I very much agree. Some people commented on this copy of Rolex Water Ghost, and praised it as "can be brought for decades, even if you go to the state banquet is not a price cut", it can be said that the voice of the fans. And the Rolex water ghost, and the green water ghost, black water ghost and blue water ghost are the most popular, the black water ghost classics need not say more, today we want to ask everyone is, the green water ghost and the golden blue water ghost, Who do you prefer?

Editor's comment: Both the Green Water Ghost and the Blue Water Ghost are very recognizable models. In contrast, the Green Water Ghost is more eye-catching and the Blue Water Ghost is more luxurious. Among them, the replica Rolex submariner series 116610LV watch (Green Water Ghost) has a public price of $127.32. The replica Rolex submariner series 116619LB watch (blue water ghost) is priced at $128.32.
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