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[ Mar 26th ]The fraud of high imitation watches

High imitation watches have also been a scorching topic in the past two years when it comes to high imitation watches. Many people are particularly interested in this stuff. The "water" in this circle is also intense, and many people who sell fake watches are also. Don't take your watch seriously if you say how good it is. Some big Swiss brands say they are so good. We all have a question mark in our hearts, let alone those who sell fake watches. Let's take a look at several common scams in high imitation watches.

Uncover the three tricks of high imitation watches

1. "Our watch origins are different." The high-end watches are assembled in Switzerland, the terminal ones are made in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the low-end watches are assembled in the mainland. Many fake watches are saying this, but most counterfeit watches are built in the Pearl River Delta region. This is a complete industrial chain, and the division of labor is also apparent. To say this is purely a foreigner.

2. "Our watch is divided into grades" this sentence is also very common, divided into ABC, the best AAA+, but the key is who decides this level? Counterfeit Watch Association, eh? The quality of high imitation watches is indeed good and evil, but this is related to the material and film opening and has nothing to do with ABC. I want to express my "good quality" and cheat more money.

3. "The old Rolex replicas also uses 904l stainless steel". The person who said this is a bit outrageous. It is delicious to be able to use 316L stainless steel. The cost of 904L stainless steel is three times more expensive than that of 316L stainless steel, and The processing equipment can't be used universally. It costs tens of millions of yuan to replace a production line. This business is not worth it, and the difference between 904L and 316L stainless steel can't be seen from the naked eye. No one does this stupid thing, so this is a joke. It's over.

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