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[ Mar 24th ]What is a high imitation watch?

      High imitation watches are an imitation of some famous brand watches. This name appeared in the late 1980s. Since the reform and opening up, the light industry in the Pearl River Delta region has developed rapidly, and the watch industry has gradually matured in this region. Today's high imitation watches have used a large number of domestic imitation ETA movements, and the quality of the movements is excellent, and they have sound performance inaccuracy.

basic introduction

      There are many high imitation watches brands on the market, and almost every famous brand watch has high imitation products. Then the high imitation watch is divided into high and low intelligence. Generally, the ordinary high imitation watch is a few hundred, the fine imitation watch is about 1,000, and the top replica watch is more than 2K. A few years are ok, and the appearance is unrecognizable.

The development history of domestic high imitation watches

      Although the domestic imitation watch industry has experienced 20 years of hard work, there are no less than 100 watch factories. The products produced by each of them only develop output and ignore quality. Since most of the Pearl River Delta region orders come from underdeveloped overseas areas, There is no after-sales problem, so many factories have produced innumerable quantities of watch movements. The well-known domestic manufacturers of mechanical watch movements include Beijing Watch Factory, Tianjin Watch Factory, and Guangzhou Watch Factory. The movements made by Guangzhou Watch Factory are called Pearl movements. Ordinary high imitation watches are installed with Pearl movements.

      Super imitation is a road of no return, and many people do not understand why they spend so much money on a Fake Rolex that can never be the actual watch. But this is a hobby, and money is secondary to pursuits. If you can't get to this point, don't start your road to super imitation.

      Remember, you'll never be able to tell if a real super dummy player's watch is real or fake because the line between real and unreal is already blurred.

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