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[ Mar 29th ]Would you buy a fake luxury watch? Why?

During the epidemic, several of my sisters were researching all kinds of high-end luxury goods, such as brand-name bags, high-end clothing, and expensive watches that symbolize status. Still, these things are too expensive, so everyone has one. doubt:

"If it were you, would you buy a fake luxury watch?

For this issue, I will analyze it from different angles: 1. I will buy it because the financial ability is slightly worse. Purchasing a high imitation watch is the best way to bring resources and self-confidence to me under financial constraints. Form and the economic situation is perfect. For example, some successful people with an annual salary of more than one million choose to buy high Rolex replica watches, which is intelligent because they can spend the least amount of money. , It also satisfies the needs of meeting customers at work and helps my material desires, which is very worthwhile. There are also some cases, such as Internet celebrities, who often buy high-quality replica watches. They do it to show off on Weibo or take pictures with clothes. The technology of the high-quality replica industry has been perfected, and the quality is entirely Comparable to a counter watch. From the gift box to the texture, leather, setting, movement, and anti-counterfeiting logo on the packaging, 100% perfect reproduction can be achieved, but the price is 1/10 of the genuine product. This is a widespread phenomenon. Everyone has a heart so I will buy it.

2. From another point of view, I will not buy it, why? Because after saving money for a long time, I finally have the feeling of having a watch that I have loved for a long time, even if it is not a big name? But the mood to have is very, very comfortable and satisfying. The gain after paying is a particularly gratifying sense of solidity, and buying a high imitation watch does not respect the brand or the designer.

3. What I want to say is that whether you buy genuine or high imitation watches, in fact, in the end, it is all to please yourself and reward yourself, so I don't think it matters what you buy. Buy it and wear it happily. The important thing is that there is nothing wrong with what you buy with your own money. Everyone has different spending power, so I don't think it is necessary to cause so many disputes 

whether you purchase genuine products or high imitations.

One last time to ask everyone, would you buy a high imitation watch if it were you? Welcome to leave your opinion in the comment area.
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